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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

why no help ffs reported

I'm struggling with League of Legends. Not because of personal "skill", I already have positive kill/death rate (at least until the enemy starts to mop up the map due to team having half as much kills as deaths), which would mean victory if my teammates would be similar. But they are very much not. Let me share this wonderful game result:

As you can see, Jax at top and Xerath at mid and me in jungle did well and killed the enemies in top/bottom. Miss Fortune and Morgana on the other hand fed like crazy. However this wasn't the reason of our utter defeat. Nor that Morgana was played one of the most toxic players I've ever seen, starting whining over spell selection pre-game and continuing ever after. The target was mostly Miss Fortune, despite that player wasn't that bad as the one behind Morgana. Their feed pattern was: Morgana pushing forward, Miss Fortune closely followed without even being told and soon they were at the enemy tower. Where they died when the enemy jungler or middle shown up or simply because they walked into the tower range. Then they (mostly Morgana) whined for the other one sucking and the rest of us not helping.

Before continuing, let me explain how "ganking" at the bottom lane works in League of Legends:
By pushing forward, the green team opened up for being encircled by the red jungler. In the meantime the green jungler can't get near the red bottom champions without being shot by the tower. This is an intentional "catchup" mechanism. If you are strong and attack, you are vulnerable to ganks, if you are pushed back to your tower, you are not. So - despite their constant whining - I couldn't help them. Sure, the tower is not all-mighty and can be attacked, typically when the enemy is outnumbering or seriously outleveling the defenders. Our moron specimen were neither so died and died and died, despite everyone spammed them to stay on their own tower.

However the reason of our defeat wasn't simply their feeding (dying repeatedly, giving lot of XP and gold to the killers). The enemy top fed just as hard and their jungler was also "unlucky". So - assuming this pattern continued - the team would continue to have even amount of kills and more NPC kills (that's the main source of gold and XP). But - despite being personally skilled - our top and mid were social people who wanted to help the "teammates in need". Which mean going to the bottom lane, idling in the forest to catch the jungler or circling hopelessly outside of the tower range. By doing so, they abandoned their own lanes, sealing our fate. When their mid and top, fed by minions came down, it wasn't much of a battle.

While usually not in so black-and-white fashion, this is what I always see: one or two morons feed like hell, refuse to play defensively and soon the rest of the team abandons his own job to help them. But wait, unless I claim some conspiracy to place feeders to my team, I must assume that the enemy team also has feeders, so I should win assuming I'm better than the enemy jungler (I usually am). Instead, I'm losing a lot.

The reason of my chain-defeats aren't the morons feeding, but the socials helping and me not. By letting the two idiots and the two socials face 5 enemies, I sealed the game. If I'd join them, we would have an early teamfight phase with coinflip result instead of a sure defeat. This is pretty common, often providing me the title phrase. Morons being morons, running into trouble and social teammates are compelled to help. At this point the optimal choice is to join them and hope that we overcome them instead of playing smart and getting lot of gold killing minions while the morons and socials wipe.

This can mean a very nasty Nash-equilibrium, where the optimal move is to act like the socials and advance only by personal combat skill instead of brain. This is something I don't want to do. I see two strategic options:
  1. Keep jungling (which I like a lot) and make a copy-paste text "don't help the moron feeders, feed harder in your own lane". If it works, than the team will be overall better than the enemy in late-game.
  2. If the socials don't listen (go figure), I have to abandon jungling and queue as ADC/top. If I'm ADC, I can guarantee that 2 players won't feed (myself and my support) by sitting under our tower. If I'm top, I can guarantee that 1 player won't feed (myself). The jungler position is the least feeding one, so it's the best to leave to a random.

PS: sometimes nothing helps. I was top, the enemy top was also in his lane, the rest were playing 4v4:

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

It's because EVE is dying sillies

The Goon propaganda site is still very bad in market analysis. If you can even call that one as they offer no explanation for the "analyzed" issue. Which is that PLEX farming alts are constantly losing profitability and very soon they stop being useful. At the same time, PLEX price (in ISK) grows fast.

Since r/eve is also puzzled, let me explain: both ISK and skill points are consumed by casual players and produced by "very dedicated players" and bots. The casuals buy PLEX for $ and trade it for farmed ISK and injectors coming from SP farms. The traded volume graph shrinks visibly so either the demand or the supply must have decreased. If the price went down, it was the demand. Simply since casuals are gone, there is no one to buy the injectors and sell the PLEX-es to hardcore players so injector price goes down, PLEX price goes up.

The long catering to the "content creators", neglecting or openly attacking those who wasn't in these game-monetizing cartel finally paid off: everyone else left. Now we just have to watch as they try to monetize each other. Hint: they aren't going to buy injectors or sell PLEX. Before you'd comment, yes, I'm aware that I was also a content creator and was allowed to play for free. No, it wasn't a good idea to let me. And no, I shouldn't have done it, since I knew for long that

Monday, September 26, 2016

Vegans, the conspirators for the worst animal genocide

Vegans are refusing to eat or use animal products since they believe animals have moral values and must not be used as commodity, just like humans are not used. They want a society where animal ownership is abolished like slavery was. They wish for a society where "animal companions" can live in peace and safety.

The question is what will happen to the whole specieses of farm animals. If no one would eat pork, voluntarily or because it's forbidden, there would be no pig farms. In muslim countries where eating pork is forbidden there are only a handful of pigs living in zoos. Assuming zoos wouldn't be banned by vegans as form of animal slavery, there would be a couple dozen or hundred pigs, chicken, sheep, goats, cattle, gooses in a country. What would happen to the rest of them?

If you just "liberate" the farm animals from their "captivity" and let them roam free, they'll die in weeks or at best in the next winter. Nature can't support bred farm animals, domestic pigs don't stand a chance against wild boars, not to mention that the natural habitat of the boars decreased badly in the past centuries. Would they force people to care for them, effectively turning the animals into welfare leeches? That would help the currently "enslaved" animals, but what about their offspring? Animals breed very fast (hen lay a fertile egg a day), meaning it would be impossible to support their exponentially growing population. Castrating them would be "obviously immoral", just like it is for human welfare leeches.

My point is that farm animals exist only because we created a niche for them. Sure, it serves our interest, but it also serve theirs. If humans were always vegans, the large land animal population would be much smaller, practically limited to the fauna of the few forests and plains. Remember, humans must have agriculture to exist (even vegans eat plant products) and farmlands were all taken from forests and plains. Getting rid of "exploitative farming" would mean a genocide against animals, several, currently huge species would go near-extinct.

In a broader sense: "exploitation" is a socialist codeword for cooperation where one party is less fortunate than other. They just forget that the "exploited" is still better off this way than without cooperation. The child workers making shoes aren't making shoes because someone captured and enslaved them, but because their families are starving and have to send them to work. If you close the dangerous and unhealthy shoe factories to save them, they will starve and die like cattle "liberated" from a farm.

Friday, September 23, 2016

I wish I could /remake M&S

Playing EVE distanced me from the ordinary player. I mean I never actually played with someone in the client. Playing BDO was playing alone. Playing League of Legends in the beginner tier (silver 5, I still struggle clicking the right target in a messy teamfight) forced me to once again get first hand experience with the morons and slackers. While the results may be boring for longtime readers, new ones will probably learn more from these than from philosophy posts.

The LoL devs created the /remake command. It is available if a player is AFK/DC from the start to prevent a 20 mins long hopeless games. Activating it needs 2 out of 4 remaining players pressing yes. No winner reward or loser penalty is applied to the active players, while the AFK-er gets a leaver penalty. It's a no-brainer that you should use the feature.

I got a game where one of the members was AFK from the very start. We got the option to use this feature. I was the only one trying to use it. All 3 other teammates choose to try to win 4v5 in a ranked game. We lost of course.

This has two explanation: the simpler is that they were unaware of this feature and when they saw the popup, they assumed that it's a normal surrender giving a defeat. Slackers typically don't read any materials, not even if they see it popping up on their screen. Maybe I should have typed "Accepting a remake will NOT give you a loss!" before initiating.

The more interesting is if they knew it and didn't care. Why would they pick a very likely defeat? Since I didn't see an "i play 4 fun" in chat like ever, I assumed that ranked LoL players want to win. Maybe I was wrong. After all most useless morons in World of Warcraft battlegrounds were not AFK-ers or obvious bots, but bridge fighters. Fighting on the bridge or another road crossing is a waste of time in battlegrounds, but lot of players do it, because of the instant PvP. Their purpose isn't to win a battle but to defeat another player in PvP. Maybe the morons of LoL don't play to win the battle, but to get good Kill:Death ratio. To "pwn". It's usually invisible, since killing enemy champions have a positive correlation with winning in LoL. However with the case of /remake it was directly opposite. By accepting it, they'd return to the queue and match preparation phase, which is 5-10 minutes waiting. If they play, they can "pwn" in the laning phase, since the missing player wouldn't be around anyway. Only in the later game, where teams are formed will mean a 4v5 fight and obvious loss.

On the one hand, after analyzing killboards of EVE and revealing the true characteristics of whole alliances, fighting simple M&S is a huge setback. On the other hand the reason I started blogging is to show people how they can better their play and their life by handling the M&S around them. So my blog will serve better purpose by posts like this. But I admit, I was annoyed that I had to deal with the lowly crap again.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

The core problem with refugees

You probably heard how the US president candidate Trump campaign see refugees:

You probably know that Sweden - not long ago the feminist utopia - gained the highest rape rate in Europe, with majority of rapist being from the Middle East. You probably know that several violent terrorist attacks happened in Europe in the last year and a some in the US. You might even know that Angela Merkel, the self-proclaimed savior of refugees is losing elections after elections. You most likely don't know that there will be a public vote in Hungary about settling refugees here and polls predict 90% "no".

What you are probably puzzled about is how could we get into this bizarre situation. However answer isn't the program of Trump and his European buddies (spearheaded by Hungarian PM Victor Orbán who already built a barrier on the border getting "you are nazi" from other presidents who soon were voted out by their people). Anyone can become a refugee. There is nothing a single person can do about the whole country turning upside down or a war erupting. Even the most individualist person can see that it's impossible for him to fix a whole country. Telling refugees that "it's your problem" will come back to some of us in this life. It's guaranteed that several safe and fine countries will go hell in the following decades.

The answer comes from realizing that immigration and refugee protection got mixed up despite they are completely different issues. Immigration is about letting people in who are needed and will fit in the country. Refugee protection is about ... protecting refugees from the dangers they ran from. Currently refugees are protected by letting them immigrate without vetting. If one can prove that he is in grave danger at home (and it's not hard if he is from Syria), he can enter the country and live among us, even if he is totally unfit for it, for example don't speak the language, don't have any profession to work and consider women to be mere property of men. Which is true for 80% of the swarm entering Europe.

The proper solution is keeping refugee protection completely separated from immigration. Refugees should be placed to closed camps where they are safe from whatever danger they were running from, get shelter, food and health care. From there they can leave only two ways: if their home becomes safe again and they are going/sent home or if they successfully immigrate to a third country. In the camp they should get the the help for the immigration process, but still have to go through all checks that ordinary immigrants have to. If they learn the language, get a profession and adopted to our culture then they can leave the camp and live in our countries. If they don't, they stay in the camp until their country is fixed.

It's our duty to save those who are in danger for not their own fault. It is absolutely not to tolerate them and their antics in our cities.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

How can climate change denial exist?

If you babble about chemtrail or how the government is hiding UFOs or how the lizard-men control the mankind, everyone will call you crazy. If you claim that there was no Holocaust, you can get into jail in some countries and get you into lot of trouble in the others. Yet there are large amount of people, including opinion leaders and politicians who deny the climate change which is equally stupid. Why?

The solution is the backward thinking of the socials. The socials above all wants to feel nice, moral and lovable people because they want to be loved by peers. So their logic isn't forward (X is good so I do X), but backward: "I do X, so X is good". It's related to cognitive dissonance. Sure, in many cases this is just a theoretical distinction as if X is really good, it doesn't matter. However only people above social level are capable of saying "X is bad, but I still do X because it benefits me".

There is no possible "do X" for UFO and chemtrail conspiracies. The believers believe but don't and can't act upon their beliefs. I mean if I truly believe that there is chemtrail, what can I do? Wear gas mask all the time? It does no good since gas masks only protect from chemicals listed on the box of their filter, and the evil government surely uses something else. All I can do is "raise awareness" aka rant.

On the other hand there is a very simple action about the climate: damage it more for profit. Green technologies are more expensive than coal plants or gas drinking cars. If I don't switch green, I save money, while the damage is hitting everyone. Even worse, the climate studies show that we are already behind the point of no return, the climate will change, whatever I do. So why bother?

The point is that it can be a completely rational selfish behavior to keep damaging the climate. However a social person can't say "I keep damaging the climate because that's my interest". That's "evil". Instead, he refuses to believe in the climate change, so he can claim with a straight face "there is nothing wrong with me driving a V8 engine pick-up truck everywhere".

Believe me, if "phobia from poisonous air" would be a legitimate reason to stay at home and get welfare, there would be equally big amount of chemtrail believers as climate change denials.

PS: How can you get positive opinions? posthumously.

PS2: my defense looks good, farm looks good, 0/3/0 morons and slackers pushing to enemy tower look usual

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Playing 6 hours without a single "i play 4 fun lol"

After being surprised what kind of games got into the various financial toplists (scrolling adventure and mobile crap, really?), I picked the one that is on top of most games: League of Legends. I wasn't completely against this game, I played it 3 years ago, but I had serious reservations. It's above all a short-match action game. Memorize zillion champions and item abilities and use skill combos.

However it also provides a challenging environment: as I'm clearly disadvantaged at clickfest, I have to work harder to compensate it with strategy. There is clear competition with ratings that are somewhat obfuscated by various leagues. If I manage to figure out something to climb to the top 10% without clicking like crazy, I definitely proved something. I won't be #1 here in 2 months like in BDO. Of course I'm far from it, I'm merely learning basic movement and trying to not accidently fire my ultimate instead of "E".

But I already encountered something very positive, something I hated in WoW, EVE, BDO: "i play 4 fun lol" as excuse for playing badly. I played like 6 hours in Sunday and not a single player said that. Each and every one of them clearly tried to win. Sure, some of them fed horribly, but they din't ignore the game like the "play 4 fun" idiots. If I'll have results, I'll have people who listen because they want to win. In previous games I struggled with those who were not only horrible but outspoken about being horrible is the right way. At least LoL is clear from this plague.

Granted, in their stead there are hostile players who always have a reason why someone else is at fault for their feeding. They also have a comment on the champion, spell and item selection of other players. The /mute playername helps a lot. Still, they are clearly interested in winning. There are also "gg i go AFK lol" idiots after the enemy team gets first kill (sometimes on them). Yet, they also don't fool around, merely don't want to help if the battle is not totally one sided for us.

I don't know if I achieve anything I am aiming for here. I'm not sure if there is such thing as "strategy" in LoL or if it won't be nerfed next patch if I find it. But trying is definitely better than kicking the dead horse of EVE.

There is a weird connection error that appears sometimes. If I alt-tab, I can refresh a webpage, so it's clearly not my ISP. Usually it happens in the most inconvenient moments:

And of course the morons are out in full force. The worst quality of LoL is that the team is as strong as the dumbest feeder. But hey, the point is to find a strategy that survives the moron fest: